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Life. Every Day.

Adventures in the Suburban Sahara

The 1980s at Ten Paces and Draw
Kanye Westie
I submitted two of my sketches for the 1980s-themed contest at Ten Paces and Draw, and here's what became of them! 

(For those of you unfamiliar, Ten Paces and Draw is a blog/community where artists draw sketches around a theme, swap them, and complete them each week. The contest in question was for submitted sketches to be completed by professional illustrators.) 

This was completed by Justin Volz

This was completed by Kyle Fewell. Click here for a larger version of it. 

I loved seeing my work done by someone else. It's so trippy to watch someone else take your vision, tweak it, and turn it into something even cooler than what you'd imagined. 

Dueling Fantasy Worlds: Harry Potter and Vampires
Boston Terrier
I've lately been trying to illustrate with at least some regard for composition/visual interest/a point. Usually I just doodle figures by themselves against a white background without any interest in composition or a story. These latest two sketches are a deviation in style, using lots of bright, chunky vector colors and shapes.

In honor of the release of the final Harry Potter movie installment, here is a collection of Death Eater masks and Nagini (or just any snake, I suppose).

When it comes to reading works of fiction, Harry Potter will always have my heart. Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse books just don't have the plucky, interesting characters that reside in Hogwarts. Even their vampire bad guys lack awesome names like "Voldemort" or even "Tom Riddle." There's just something a little gritty and delicious about that wonderful noseless HP antagonist. 

New Drawings to Spam your Bandwidth and Make You Dance
Boston Terrier
Hey friends! Hope the fourth didn't leave you with too much of a hangover.

"It's Hard To Find A Taxi At This Time of Night"

“I’m tired of canon. Can you write me some homoerotic fanfiction?”
“Yes, my lord.”

And finally, a sketch I hope gets finished at Ten Paces and Draw: 

That's the kind of boogie I'm jamming to. Much love. 

Huge Illustration Dance Party Post
Boston Terrier
Here's everything I've been up to lately! 

I drew some logos for a dairy. They wound up going with a more realistic cow, but these were my favorite oddball ones: 

I created a sketch entitled "I brought the country together, so I can have all the damn pie I want." 

I drew a bunch of bugs: 

And I rocked a bunch of stuff in my sketchbook (summary below, full illustrations under the cut): 

5 large sketchbook illustrationsCollapse )

Hope you dug. I'll be back, you know, next month with a bunch of other stuff to clog your bandwidth. ;)

I Take Game of Thrones Too Seriously
Kanye Westie

I’ve not only been watching Game of Thrones, but reading the books, as well. Immersing oneself completely in a world unlike one’s own results in a sort of culture shock. I find myself thinking things like “What would my house motto be?” and “What would my coat of arms look like?” and “Would my family be sneaky like the Lannisters or stupidly noble like the Starks?”

Here is the result:

Home: Castle Slanty Shanty, in the Wilds of Central Penn’s Woods
Colors: Purple and Orange
Coat of Arms/Animal Symbol: The Derpy Dog (Willie, our canine)
Motto: “What’s for dinner? Do I have to leave the house to get it or do they deliver?”
Kinfolk: Luccis of the Burgh of Pitts, Lord Jake the Software Designer of Borough Brooklyn, Medical Maesters of Roanoke
Enemies: New Jersey
Strengths: Snarking, being good at computers, knowing about pop culture, surviving on a tight budget
Weaknesses: Living in a home that has no right angles in it anywhere. (Castle Slanty Shanty would be easy to destroy, since it’s already halfway there.)